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Some General Instructions


Always breast feed your baby from birth onwards. It is the best way to keep your baby disease –free and healthy.
Breast milk is the best milk. It is a complete food and supplies all nutrients up to 4-6 months of age. 
Consult your doctor before starting bottle feeding. 
Burp your child properly after feeds. 
At four months, start weaning (food other than milk) 
Never force-feed your child. Give them food whenever they are hungry (demand-feed). 
The moment your child can hold an object, let him try to feed himself. Do not get perturbed if the child is messy.


For proper development of any child, parent and child interaction is a must. Spend time with your child.
Talk to your child rather than talking about him to others. 
Discipline is essential, but do not agitate your child for trivial matters. 
Encourage your child to develop his own skills. 
Buy him colorful, unbreakable, smooth-good quality toys.


During Diarrhoa & Vomiting, give your child ORS and continue to feed your child.
Continue breast feeding . 
Avoid bottle feeds. 
Use properly sterilised and feed with freshly prepared feeds. 
Maintain absolute cleanliness to prevent diarrhoeal attacks.


Steam inhalation during cough and cold is very helpful.


During High Fever, do not over-cloth your child, Sponge them from head to toe take temperature regularly.

Keep all medicines out of the child’s reach.
Give drugs in proper dosage, at proper times and proper duration.
Do not Medicate without consulting your doctor.