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How do I feed my Baby?

Newborn to 6 Month

Exclusively Breast-feed your Child. It keeps the child Healthy satisfied & Disease free.

5 - 6 Month

Weaning can be started around 5-6 months. Rice based cereals like Rice Phirni is a good starter Cereal.

Sujee ke Kheer/ Curd Rice can be started after that. Juices Banana Stewed Fruits are good. 

Mash the feed Nicely. Start in more Liquid Form as the child grows and is able to digest make it thicker in Consistency. Always use Chamcha & Katori. 

Start one food at a time. As Child starts digesting, you can try a new feed. 

Dals & Butter can be started at 6 month and salt pepper for taste Slowly go on to home made feed.